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Expanding to Meet the Digital Solution Needs


As digital contents and products diversify and become more sophisticated, software issue becomes a major concern. Quality assurance or ‘Debugging’ becomes one of the major factors to ensure successful release of software programs.


Since our founding, we have provided debugging services to over 1,000 clients in the gaming and software development industry. As of today, we have detected over 1 million bug cases. Every day, new issue arises amongst each developing companies.


In this era of rapidly growing global business development, we cooperate with our group companies in North America, Korea and Thailand and various partners around the world for the optimum translation, research and marketing solution services. We will continue to expand our service territories to reach across the world.


We are flexible to meet various demands from our client, and will also provide optimum testing services in the business system and package software area of the digital industry. We will continue to grow along in this fast changing industry, to add the best value in our services, and take initiative in supporting our client’s need to raise the quality and develop into the international market.


Since the day we founded DIGITAL Hearts, we will continue to value “Hearts” as we lead the testing industry, and improve our capabilities to detect the issues of our client’s digital products.  



November 2015





Greetings from CEO

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