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DIGITAL Hearts 'Cyber Security Service' to be Used for Online Election Activities by the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan



On June 24, 2013, DIGITAL Hearts Co. Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / President & CEO: Eiichi Miyazawa / TSE First Section Stock Code: 3620 / hereafter "DIGITAL Hearts") started to provide its "Cyber Security Service" to the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President: Shinzo Abe / hereafter "LDP"), for use in conjunction with online election campaigns.


Now that the ban on online election campaigning has been lifted under the revised Public Offices Election Act, political parties and assembly members have a golden opportunity to distribute information via the Internet. At the same time however, political parties and assembly members are in particular need of security measures, to guard against issues such as cyber attacks on their websites and exploitation of confidential information. As a result, the security environment surrounding the Internet and its usage needs to be tightened up.

As part of the worldwide expansion of company's operations, revolving primarily around debugging services designed to detect software bugs, DIGITAL Hearts put together "Security Debugger", a team of experts in cyber security, and started to offer a "Cyber Security Service" to protect information assets from malicious cyber attacks on April 1, 2013.
Having recognized the benefits and technical capabilities behind DIGITAL Hearts' Cyber Security Service, the LDP has now decided to use the service itself. As a result, DIGITAL Hearts will provide comprehensive security consulting services via Security Debugger, backed up by the very latest in specialist expertise and technical capabilities, and lend its support to establish a reliable security environment, something that cannot be guaranteed using existing screening tools.

DIGITAL Hearts is committed to developing new services to meet the demands of our modern digital society, and will continue to enhance its corporate value by helping companies and consumers alike to ensure security.


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