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December 13, 2016

DIGITAL Hearts Receives Order for Conducting Debugging on  Asset Management Service Website

  • - Steadily Responding to Increase in Demand for Debugging
  • in Expanding Fin-Tech Market -


DIGITAL Hearts is pleased to announce that it has received an order for conducting debugging on an asset management service website.


The company provides a “user debugging service” that enables identification of software defects through operation tests performed from the user’s perspective and offers a test results report, and has the advantage of conducting efficient and flexible tests based on more than 1.2 million tests carried out in the past and using a large number of testers and test devices.


Recently, with the development of network technology and broad use of smart devices, financial technology (Fin-Tech) that enables financial services flexibly customized to every need through IT has been widely and rapidly used. This leads to a rapid increase in provision of various services in the areas of mobile payments, electronic money, household accounting books and asset management, etc. The Fin-Tech market size is expected to grow to 56.7 billion yen in 2020, about 17 times from 2015. (Source: “Fin-Tech Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2015” by Yano Research Institute Ltd.)

Furthermore, these services are closely associated with financial assets, and therefore demands for security and quality of those services have been increasing. Software tests from diverse perspectives with massive resources are required, and tests for user friendliness and operability based on a user’s perspective are also considered essential.

Under such a situation, DIGITAL Hearts has been dedicated to enhancing the capability to work on orders from financial industry by conducting tests for internet banking sites and mobile payment applications, etc., and by gaining business knowledge of the financial industry and debugging know-how in anticipation of a future increase in demand for debugging in the Fin-Tech field.

As a result of these efforts, the company has succeeded in receiving an order for conducting debugging on an asset management service website. This website enables an automated service for optimized portfolio development, share trading, and asset management to be delivered by utilizing “Robo-advisor,” an investment support system. DIGITAL Hearts will carry out tests using multiple devices and operation tests on its work. In addition, the company will, based on such testing experience, endeavor to seize business opportunities in various industries (including the financial industry) where introduction of IT is accelerated.


DIGITAL Hearts shall respond to a variety of needs for testing, using a great deal of debugging experience and its know-how, as well as support development of high-quality products through delivering specialized services to clients.


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