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Debugging Business


Debugging Business

The debugging business provides a user debugging service that detects and reports flaws within software products from a user perspective. The service has its origins in video game software and has expanded to cover a range of products such as mobile content (social games, smartphone applications, etc.), pachinko and slot machines, websites and business systems, and general IT related to software.


We offer various services including a security service, test consulting service,localization service and customer support, with debugging as our main service, in order to support software development, improve product quality and create a safe digital society. 


Other Businesses


In the "" business, we operate a group of portal sites called "" that help companies to improve the quality and safety of various products and connect them with consumers via highly public information assets. Offering bug information on products ranging from home electronics to PCs, automobiles and food, the sites publish bug information on products announced by their manufacturers, and users can also post bug information and solutions. "" is the first group of bug information portal sites in Japan with user participation.


DIGITAL Hearts Creators Network


In the DIGITAL Hearts Creators Network business, we provide and manage games and build a network of creators who participate in games. Games provided by the business take a path different from a generically programmed one, and participants move ahead with a story by interacting with each other. Meanwhile, creators in each area including illustrators, scenario writers and voice actors get paid by the participants and create or provide content based on the participants’ requests, which then creates a game. At the same time, we create content for game developers who face challenges in creating various types of content by leveraging the trusting relationship we have built through our debugging business. As such, we serve as a bridge between creators and game developers and provide a place where creators can utilize their capacities as professionals.




Business Details

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